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Battlefield 1
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How to change weapons in Battlefield 1?

Weapons in BF1 depends on the class that you are...

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How to throw dynamite in Battlefield 1?

Dynamite in BF1 can be very useful to you. It...

Battlefield 1
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How to play for Assault in Battlefield 1?

Assault Class has changed considerably since the time of the...

H1Z1 King Of The Kill
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Urban Empire
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The Walking Dead: A New Frontier
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How Combat System Works in Final Fantasy XV?

If you compare Final Fantasy XV’s combat system with the...

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Final Fantasy XV guide: How To Get The Strongest Sword

Final Fantasy XV presents tons of different weapons for player....

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How To Acquire The Hunter’s Medal in Final Fantasy XV?

In this article we present solution on how to acquire...

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How To Spawn a Cactuar in Final Fantasy XV?

Cactuars are present in Final Fantasy franchise from VI edition...

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How to earn money in Final Fantasy XV?

Earning money in the game can become a big problem...

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Final Fantasy XV guide – 30 tips for maximum fun

30 tips for passing the FF XV – new Square...

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How to earn points in Final Fantasy XV?

This guide will help you to make your character stronger...

Final Fantasy XV
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How to get the flying car in Final Fantasy XV?

Regalia Type-F in FFXV is a flying car. You can...