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Stellaris PC
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In this article, we will tell how to fix warp drive transports in Stellaris PC? 1. Be sure to create a copy of following file...

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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst was released recently for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. It took 7 years for developers to release the second part of the...

Mirror's Edge Catalyst
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Glass City has different areas in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst and only transport can use running with fast travel, as latter of which must be unlocked...

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FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 HD Remaster represents the HD remaster edition for Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 that were released in 2001 and 2003....

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In case if you are ready to experience new4X grand strategy video game to simulate the military? Then you need to play in new Grand...

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DOOM is one of the most favorite games of everybody’s childhood, has at least released the latest part of the series. DOOM 4, named as...

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As you might have heard, Forza Motorsport 6: Apex is already available on the PC in the form of beta. As usual, in the case...

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After the release of Battleborn many players started to complain about the low performance level in Battleborn. In this article we present all possible working...

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Some players after the relase of Battleborn started to complain about missing exe error. In this short guide we present the solution to the problem...

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Some gamers after preloading the Battleborn had to update it and after the completion of update the disk write error popper up. In case if...

Battleborn Wallpaper
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Some players already have played in Early Access game version si during the launch of Battleborn they cannot see the link which provides an opportunity...

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Battleborn was released few days ago but gamers already started to complain about errors and crashes that arise during the gaming process. In today’s article...

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The release of Battleborn brought some new experience of gaming process to players. Also with the release the game also has some errors and crashes...

How to fix Errors, FPS problems, Crashes in Battleborn?
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Already a lot of players started to complain about numerous errors that arise in the game Battleborn. In this article we present all working solution...

Telegram Desktop Portable
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Telegram Desktop Portable – messenger, with which users can share with each other text messages and files. It has an intuitive interface and provides enhanced...


Our website is designed specifically for solving problems with games and answers to frequently asked questions arising in case if you can’t run the game, as well as to solve other problems of software or technical nature that interfere gamers to enjoy the gameplay of liked game.

In addition, TECHFAQS presents a wide variety of solutions for installation problems and game bugs, launch and operation of various applications, including different versions of the OS – Windows 10; Windows 7, 8, 8.1, ОС Linux, iOS, Android. Also, our users can find here solutions to hardware problems with the new mobile devices, laptops, tablets and consoles (PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360).

Before embarking on the search for solutions to the game errors, which may appear on the stage of game starting when the user throws to the desktop with an error message, or, directly during the plot walkthrough or game installation, you should make sure that:

  • You have upgraded NVidia or ATI/AMD Radeon video card drivers to the latest version;
  • Your PC has the latest versions of DirectX, Microsoft Visual C++, NVidia PhysX, Net Framework;
  • Your graphics card supports sets of DirectX 11 and DirectX 12 libraries, as most new games function only with them;
  • You turned off the antivirus during game installation, downloading or during the launch.

Only after these steps you should begin to search for problems with the games on our site.

Most players complain about lags of those or other games that the slow game down, or wonder why the game doesn’t launch, completely forgetting about the fact that the new game projects request a lot more system resources so your computer may no longer fit it. So before you ask the question about game launching you should carefully read the characteristics of your hardware and compare them with the minimum system requirements of installed game. Maybe then all your problems with the game will become apparent.

We also strongly recommend to all players not to use pirated versions of games, operating systems and applications, and buy only licensed products. In many cases exactly pirated versions of games, OS and applications contain viruses and other malicious files that affect the performance of your PC and lead to a variety of bugs and errors.