How to delete or deactivate a Telegram account?

Despite the fact that the Telegrams is a great instant messenger, you may need to delete your account in it. And then the question arises: how to delete an account in the Telegram?

How to delete a Telegram?

The removal process is simple. But it can be done only from the computer. To do this:

  1. Go to the deactivation page. It is located at:;
  2. On this page will be a reminder to restore your account will already be impossible, and also a field for entering the telephone number. Of course, you need to enter that number, which was registered account;
  3. Your phone will receive an SMS with a special code. This code is also entered into the field – and appears again a warning messageat this stage the user can still change your mind to delete your account. If the solution was solid – you need to agree.
  4. Done, Telegram account removed.

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