Download patch 1.0.944.2 DLC «Import/Export» for GTA 5 on PC

New patch version 1.0.944.2 for GTA 5 Online on the PC. DLC called «Import/Export».

How to install patch 1.0.944.2 «Import/Export»  for GTA 5 on PC?

  • Install GTA_V_Launcher_1_0_944_2.exe.
  • Install Social-Club-v1.2.1.0-Setup.exe.
  • Place the folder “mpimportexport” and “patchday13ng” Grand Theft Auto V\update\x64\dlcpacks\.
  • Copy file GTA5.exe from the archive into the root game folder, replacing the old.
  • Copy the file “update.rpf” Grand Theft Auto V\update\, replacing the old.
  • Run GTA 5 as usual and play!
  • If you have any problems when you start, delete folder “mpimportexport” and “patchday13ng”.

All older versions of patches for GTA 5 are available on this page – Patches for GTA 5

Alternative link to download the patch – 1.0.944.2 DLC «Import/Export» – Download 

When you click the button to download the patch, you will transfer the website, for proper loading press is shown in the screenshot:


Download patch 1.0.944.2 for GTA 5 on PC

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  1. valentino 13.12.2016 in 20:41

    Mega? Really? :/

  2. Mazzi 13.12.2016 in 23:14


    • Mariano 15.12.2016 in 14:21

      What is this?

    • Blank 28.12.2016 in 20:14

      Thank you! You are such an amazing person!!

  3. Shurima 13.12.2016 in 23:39

    Mega no, pls! Limited download -.-‘ Change server, please!

  4. asdsadsadas 14.12.2016 in 01:24


  5. CrackedGTA5Fan 14.12.2016 in 03:31

    Thanks for everything. I was able to download it with no issues. If anyone happens to have a cracked launcher that would be awesome.

  6. headhunter101 14.12.2016 in 08:48

    if youhaving problem with mega just make a mega account ,it is free,it will give you 50 GB storage.

  7. Anand 14.12.2016 in 11:09

    Thanks whoever uploaded the files you are god man thanks
    Much better than shitty rock star services

  8. skifaj 14.12.2016 in 12:45

    No crack and no run pirated version gta.wait for crackk!!!

  9. iCE 14.12.2016 in 17:00

    Sorry grand theft auto v isn’t installed on this system please reinstall the game and try again
    Got this error every time pls help

    • skifaj 14.12.2016 in 19:10

      Wait crack for version 1.0.944.2 (Import/Export) or try install old version update

      • iCE 14.12.2016 in 19:26

        No way man… and it takes so long to crack or what??? OMMGG lazy af

    • Mariano 15.12.2016 in 18:47

      Me pasa lo mismo

  10. Mariano 15.12.2016 in 14:21

    Mega?? why don`t upload to utorrent?

  11. Dicky 17.12.2016 in 10:12

    someone have x64k.rpf ? i need that upload please

  12. 7h3killer 21.12.2016 in 21:08

    can i just edit the dlclist.xml and the other rpf changes i dont wanna replace my update.rpf because i installed mods on it

    • LDky 19.01.2017 in 13:40

      You can

  13. anionymouse 22.12.2016 in 18:39

    wtf i cannot get into mega browser

  14. awmir 23.12.2016 in 13:42

    I’ve download the update files and install them too also update the social club but when I launch the Gta V it said : you must sign up to social club to play in offline mode(story mode)

    • the dragon 17.06.2017 in 00:00

      i have the same problem

  15. Fatadebocanc 23.12.2016 in 14:23

    Sorry,grand theft auto V isn’t installed on this system(piratated)

  16. Erack Gamer 23.12.2016 in 23:22

    Are this patches accumulative?

  17. scott 25.12.2016 in 13:24

    Need a crack of latest patch

  18. scott 25.12.2016 in 13:26

    Can someone help me coz in my game i cant use the special abilities of the cars like the parachute,or hover over the water…..plz help

  19. Raggus 28.12.2016 in 16:07

    Pls need gta5.exe v.1.0.944.2 Social club version. Not steam version.

  20. ??? 28.12.2016 in 22:12

    This is only for Online or Pirate too?

  21. Cole 08.01.2017 in 19:37

    Those are all updates that we have now? After installing game from discs and updates from here my game is still downloading something

  22. Hamoon 15.01.2017 in 15:12

    I have gta v reloaded and i have 1.36 one.when im gonna star gta v launcher.exe for setup it errored that i must reinstall my game or there is no gta v in my!!!!!

  23. Frustrated 20.01.2017 in 04:22

    I just installed this update and there is no crack available. Is there a way to rollback this patch to the previous?rockstar social club doesn’t let me play.


  24. Dealt221 22.01.2017 in 01:05

    Thank you sir. Lately downloading dlc is hard for me. Sir, Can I request heist dlc? I really appriciate for your kind service.

  25. TOkoo 24.01.2017 in 23:32

    please help after updating with this patch gta 5 says activation required… i’m changing date but don’t works

    • Croos 08.02.2017 in 04:10

      Got the same problem. If you find an answer tell me

  26. Maq Attaq 25.01.2017 in 19:18

    After installing the patch,and doing everything which should be done as it is written in the Readme,the fame starts but I get an error: Offline mode is not available!

    I have the Reloaded version of the game.
    Please help me!

  27. Maq Attaq 25.01.2017 in 20:03

    *the game

  28. taha6944 01.02.2017 in 17:57

    Hi guys i am crack 1.37 update really
    İ give update link

  29. Nuwan 03.02.2017 in 20:19

    Hi guys! I’m in the 1.0.335.2 version of the game. I need to update it to the latest version 1.0.944.2. and use import/export dlc. And i’m playing it offline. can i use import/export dlc without previous dlcs? (Just use 2 folders come with the patch{mpimportexport and the other}) Because i don’t have enough GBs to download all dlcs. Because all of the dlcs are about 7GBs. Please answer….

  30. adharex 04.02.2017 in 17:54

    pls help i cant play it i must to write the activation code

  31. Aiken 07.02.2017 in 20:15

    if I install the game from disks then I need to install all the patches from here or can just install the last patch?(import/export)

  32. anuroop 08.02.2017 in 09:44

    where can we get this crack for this patch, i am running nos version 887 build

  33. Cracked version 10.02.2017 in 17:42

    To crack your gta 5 just go to the main directory go to crack folder in the installers folder replace the old one with the cracked one and presto just download scriphook v put it in your directory and start the game easy

  34. gst 11.02.2017 in 19:46

    This work on crack 1.36 🙂

    • ray 22.02.2017 in 19:10

      Really? Can you help me please??

  35. crxshz 14.02.2017 in 21:09

    Hello people. I have a problem. It says: Sign in to social club to play offline mode ( offline mod not available)
    Please help me.

  36. Goat Memes 01.03.2017 in 03:42

    Is this the full game for version 944?

  37. CuztheHoodgoneLoveIT 20.03.2017 in 05:58

    …..after doing setup and launch the game it saids “you have to be signed in , in order to play gta 5” wtf is this…it wants me to sign in first…this is bad…very bad.

    • Артур 21.03.2017 in 01:18

      Такая же проблема (( что делать ?

  38. ABOODEE11 21.03.2017 in 06:36

    i had problem when i put my mod cars the gameconfig only can add 3 cars then will have error so anyone have solution for this pls

  39. Defame 21.03.2017 in 19:25

    guys if u want to download any file from mega u can for free just look up for megs downloader its like a pirated versoin of mega which downloads in same speed as mega and im trying this method of updating i am using a ligit version of gta 5 my game is not updating lets hope it works

  40. irfan 02.04.2017 in 02:04

    can i patch directly from v 1.0.323.1 to 1.0.944.2?

  41. ally 16.04.2017 in 12:31

    why icannt play offline

  42. yoda 18.04.2017 in 16:19

    online work can it?

  43. huha 18.04.2017 in 16:20


  44. Juan Pablo 13.07.2017 in 13:49

    Help me: “Sorry, Grand Theft Auto V isn’t instaled on this system. Please reinstall the game and try again”. But my game this installed!!

  45. Anonimo Jkiller840 14.07.2017 in 00:17

    Mega nooooooo, in Torrent in torrent pleaseee

  46. Foda-se 17.07.2017 in 12:44


  47. Abdul Hanan 08.08.2017 in 17:00

    arrrrgh he stop 41

  48. hammad 02.10.2017 in 07:49

    gta launcher does not works

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