How to fix Error LC-202 in Overwatch on PS4?

Some players of Overwatch on PS4 complain that there is a problem with error code LC-202 that is connected with attempt to log in every 20 minutes each time when you play the game. Also when you try to sigh in repeatedly in the game you will never be booted again. In case of switching to alt account there is possibility to log in straight away. So how to fix error LC-202 in Overwatch on PS4 if modem and console resetting cannot help?


Unfortunately, this is a global issue and Blizzard make everything to fix this error in the shortest time as possible. If you get an error LC-202 means the server Blizzard at the moment is not working. You just have to wait until the developers will fix this problem.

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  1. Kys 02.07.2016 in 16:48

    Wow this helped me fix my game thanks 

    • MildTabasco 02.07.2016 in 16:59

      How did you fix it?

      • Rob 20.01.2017 in 04:27

        I was having this at main menu after just walking away from the game for 20min. I tried everything. Decided to restart the ps4..and it worked. I’m able to get on the server 

  2. MildTabasco 02.07.2016 in 17:00

    Wow it just fixed itself nevermind

  3. Lewcifer123 03.07.2016 in 20:16

    Mines still bloody doin it on PS4 its supposed to be fixed

    • Rob 20.01.2017 in 04:28

      Try restarting ps4. Worked for me

  4. Chris 13.07.2016 in 18:01

    How am I supposed to play competitive like this. My poor team is fucked because I get kicked out and I receive penalties for it.

  5. Carms 19.07.2016 in 17:04

    Are people currently experiencing this? How about connecting to psn?

  6. FUCK THIS 23.08.2016 in 15:06

    ffuckckckckkc I WAS JUST PPJIGORWZK \I[A0-9]

  7. get on the treinhardt 21.10.2016 in 20:02

    First, try restarting your router/modem and PS4. If the error still persist, go to twitter and spam BlizzardCS. I did that and they noticed and fixed the servers.

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