How to solve the problem with red screen in XCOM 2?


The owners of XCOM 2 started to complain about a problem with a red screen that appears after the start of training or conventional missions. In this article we will look at all possible solutions to this problem.

How to Fix Red Screen Error in XCOM 2?

  1. Right-click the shortcut that launches XCOM 2.
  2. Go to the properties of file to the tab “Shortcut”
  3. At the end of «Object» append this line -noRedScreens -review
    You should get something in that spirit — “D:\Games\XCOM 2.exe” -noRedScreens -review
  4. Done! Start the game with a shortcut and problems with the appearance of red screen in the game will no longer disturb you.

Сheck out the video with a detailed demonstration of the solution with red screen.

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  1. pop 17.02.2016 in 13:49

    didnt work

  2. bodug 28.02.2016 in 06:17

    Not that easy with windows 10.

  3. Frista 04.03.2016 in 21:00

    It works in win 10 :-). Thanks

  4. DeezNutsinyomouth 06.03.2016 in 19:17

    Didn’t work. 

  5. bazinganater 08.04.2016 in 20:59

    if it didn’t work you did it wrong dumbasses. try again with your brain this time

  6. Sirius 08.06.2016 in 11:16

    You must write -noRedScreens, not -noredscreen

  7. Leo 19.07.2016 in 23:54

    mine worked but the game wont launch :(( instead it opens up steam and plays the short videos. there should be space between exe” and -noRedScreens.

  8. NIKO_techfaqs_net 02.08.2016 in 03:30

    WORKS for me, you must copy and paste it with qotest:

    “D:\Games\XCOM 2.exe” -noRedScreens -review

  9. Kylan 09.08.2016 in 13:26

    works for me too, greetz from Germany

  10. allen 30.08.2016 in 04:06

    IT’S not work on win 10 !!!!!!!!!!

  11. Tate. 29.11.2016 in 18:45

    Works well for me. To be clear with anyone having windows 10 issues; make sure you start by putting a space between the – and the previous target line. Then another space between the the noRedScreens and the following -.thirdly you will make to make sure you’re making the change as the admin or the changes will not take effect. 

    Running windows 10 and had no problem the first time around. Only issue that you will have is how you type in the new command line as the file already exists in your xcom 2 folder. This merely activates it. 

  12. HalfAngel 18.01.2017 in 20:21

    Great replay tate …thank u …i did like this on windows 10 ….so in that box u must hit space one time ..then paste this over -noRedScreens -review …and thats it ..totaly works …

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