The Rockstar update service is unavailable code 202 in GTA Online

With the release of new patches and updates for GTA Online, players will face various problems when starting, among them the error «The Rockstar update service is unavailable (code 202) in GTA Online. Please try again later».

In most cases, this error is caused by the fact that you cannot install the latest updates for the game, so that you simply cannot get into the game. Below you can find all possible solutions for Error Code 202.

The Rockstar update service is unavailable code 202

Method 1

  1. Click on the Search Button, type cmd, then press right click and press «Run as administrator».
  2. When the administrator tab is open Press Yes. Then when you are in type «ipconfig/flushdns». Then it must say «Windows IP Configuration. Successfully flushed the DNS Rosolver Cache».
  3. Type the following «netsh winsock reset». And Yes with the Space. From then it must say «Successfully reset the Winsock Catalog».
  4. You must restart computer in order to complete the reset.


Make sure whether DNS- server address works automatically. To check this, go to the Control Panel> Control Network Center and Sharing Center> Block network/connection: click on the Ethernet> in the window that appears, select Properties> in Ethernet window: Properties select “Internet Protocol Version 4” and click Properties> specify “Get DNS-server address automatically.”

We would like to point out if in the DNS-server address has a unique number, you need to contact your ISP and describe the problem, as in this case, the problem may be that the part of your provider.

Or try use Public Google DNS


In most cases, the owners of error code 202 have an older version of the Social Club. To find out which version you have installed, you need to open a window with an error 202 in the lower right corner, third from the left will indicate your version. If you have an older version, do the following:

  1. Go to C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Social Club, find exe and start the program uninstall process.
  2. Download the latest version of Rockstar Games Social Club and install it.
  3. Try to run the game.


Try to go into the game with using VPN software such as CyberGhost. Install it, connect to an available server and try to enter в GTA 5 Online.

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  1. daren obrecht 06.05.2016 in 01:35

    when I try to uninstall RSGSC nothing happens,m program wont open. when I download RSGSC it wont download due to a signature being wrong or something. unsure what to do now.

  2. Makaveli 09.07.2016 in 06:55

    ty but not working for me -_-

  3. shit 09.07.2016 in 23:26

    fuck my life

  4. cooldude 23.07.2016 in 17:43

    didnt help …

  5. Kevin Nascimento 04.08.2016 in 01:55

    That happened to me too guys but i found a solution for it after i was searching everywhere on the internet. there is a way how you can fix this Code 202 Gta 5 problem by restarting the game 3 times and on the fourth time there is a possibility that you can play your game without any difficulty. Hope this helps! Fell free to email me @

    • Michael Hamilton 23.08.2016 in 05:20

      are you using steam PC if so how did you resolve the error did you delete the rockstar social club file?

  6. John 09.08.2016 in 01:59

    For anyone that has code 202 error go to my video
    https:/ / NFvTrjrgJ3k
    I put spaces between the dashes so that it would not be reported as spam so all you need to do is remove the spaces

  7. Andreas 14.08.2016 in 11:45

    Well this worked and i have the steam version of it. First go to documents then rockstar game and then you delete the social club files after you done that go to computer and local disc (c) and there you go to rockstar games and go in social club and click on the uninstallRGSCredistributable after you done that you go to steam libary and right click on gta 5 and click properties then you click on local files and confirm game cache then it should work it did for me

    • Michael Hamilton 23.08.2016 in 05:10

      did you mean Verify game Cache?

      • Andreas 29.08.2016 in 14:06


  8. dani 09.09.2016 in 23:22

    my gta v was working
    then changed my motherboard of my pc then used my pc as normal without formating windows then installed the new graphic card.
    when i try to launch gta v show me the code 202 then tried all of methods but not working.
    help me please
    i want play gta v without formating windows

  9. dani 09.09.2016 in 23:27

    note: my gta is cracked

  10. Idiot 23.12.2016 in 01:22

    I would like to THANK to the person who wrote tis article. METHOD 1 work for me instantly.

    • You are an idiot 16.01.2017 in 07:50

      Shove your thanks up your ass, dickhole.

      • dumb cunt 17.01.2017 in 09:43

        why so salty?

  11. Chetra 12.03.2017 in 10:35

    It still not working for me! Any help 2017

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