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Fourteenth patch version 1.0.757.2 for GTA 5 on PC. GTA Online version is 1.34, this patch adds to the game update “Further Adventures in Finance and...

Hearts of Iron IV
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Hearts of Iron IV represents new war strategy game developed and published by Paradox Interactive. In this article we present solutions and fixes for some...

Samsung Galaxy S5
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Many users After Marshmallow Update have come across with this problem. However our team has some options for fixing it in order to get back...

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Some players around the world complain on character “stuttering” issues in Overwatch. In this article we are going to present all working solutions to this...

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In some cases many fans of Overwatch face with the problem of error BC-101 when there is no possibility to play Overwatch without any problems....

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Overwatch was recently released around the world but already becom very popular game. Along with the grown of fans Overwatch has many unsolved errors and...

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The release of Overwatch brings together the new old multiplayer mode with new characters as well. The game has already received many positive reviews around...

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Some players after the release of Overwatch started to complain that TV displays cut off game borders leading to incorrect game process. In this article...

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Overwatch has been already released around the world but with the tons of positive reviews the game also has too much different crashes and freezes....

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In some cases many fans of Overwatch face with the problem of error BLZBNTAGT00000BB8 when there is no possibility to update Overwatch to the latest...

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Some players after the release of Overwatch noticed appearence of error 0xE0010150 that arises during log in to the game process. The game crashes after...

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Some players of Overwatch on PS4 complain that there is a problem with error code LC-202 that is connected with attempt to log in every...

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Some players after the release of Overwatch started to complain on the error code BLZOWPAY10200162 that arises during purchasing of loot boxes. When you try...

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Some players complain on the problem with the error Patcher Kernel Has Stopped Working in League of Legends. In this article we present 2...

Total War: Warhammer
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Total War: Warhammer was recently released on PC as the first game of three-part series. This time unlike other franchise games Warhammer introduces another setting...


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  • Your PC has the latest versions of DirectX, Microsoft Visual C++, NVidia PhysX, Net Framework;
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