How do I change the ringtone on Windows Mobile 10

Difficulties with gadgets often lie in wait for us in the most unexpected places. It turns out that Windows 10 Mobile cannot just take and assign favorite melody for the ringing tone. This interface flaw existed in Windows Phone 8.1 and has successfully migrated in Windows Mobile10. We purposely made the smartphone test version and know how it is easy to handle the Windows interface. So there we go!

How to change ringtone in Windows Mobile 10

Windows Mobile 10 There are two ways to create your own ringtone for Windows 10 Mobile: via PC or embedded application Ringtone Maker.

The first method

  1. You can find ringtones for an incoming call in the menu at the following path: “Options” – “Personalization” – “Sound”. If you use Windows Phone 8.1, it will have a slightly different path “Settings” – “Ringtones + Sounds”.
  2. In the “Sound” click on “Ringer” and an empty field underneath. When you click on an empty field you will be able to listen to all of the standard preset ringtones. They are neither more nor less than 55 pieces. To the credit of Microsoft, for example, there are a lot of melodies that among them, perfect for an incoming call. But now your task is to put your favorite song, and only it, so move on.
  3. Connect your phone to a PC via a micro-USB cable. Open “My Computer” and go along the way: Windows 10 Mobile – Phone – Ringtones. Be careful not to accidentally go to the folder with the files on the memory card. You need to work with the phone memory.
  4. Copy the desired song in a Ringtones folder. There are some limitations for audio: they must be played on the smartphone without a third-party player (MP3 and WMA work, other formats are not tested), be no larger than 30MB and do not have DRM-free.
  5. Once the melody turned on your phone, the PC is no longer needed.
  6. Again, go to the item “Sound” and click on the empty field under the “ringer melody”. Now, desired composition will appear along with the default tracks in this list. Click on it – and you’re done. Now, this tune is used as an incoming call ringtone.

Second method

  1. Windows 10 Mobile has a simple way to create a ringtone. For this purpose, OS has preinstalled Ringtone Maker. You could take its advantage before, but it had to be downloaded from the “shop”.
  2. Go to the Ringtone Maker application, click on the item “Select ringtone”.
  3. Select a song and click on it. In order to create a ringtone you can use any track from your library to your smartphone.
  4. You will see the scale, where moving the endpoints of the segment you can cut any part of the composition to create a ringtone. Its length may be from seconds to minutes. Select the desired interval and click on the icon “Save” at the bottom of the screen.

Watch the video to see how to add custom ringtones in Windows 10 Mobile:

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